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Bio I do things. I'm also a disaster. #MightyMustelids #2020MMM. biology is great.
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MSc student @SUNYESF studying the impacts of beaver activity on #bats and small mammals, formerly studied #coyotes. Likes trophic cascades, and #mesopredators

Tampa, FL | Husband, new Dad, Buddhist, feminist, museum professional, security officer, science nerd, book lover, nature and outdoors lover. Hike, ski, kayak, snorkel.

She/They • Minor • 🇲🇾 | #TAKI: I wanted to tell you... that wherever you are in the world, I'll search for you - Not spoiler-free! 𓆏 The LWJ to my WWX 💞💞: @l0wermoon

1800MIYAS | i vent a lot here (now w a little spice i call thirst tweets)

Portland, OR | PhD in #evolution and #sexualselection. Interested in #genomics and evolution of sex-roles, especially in #fishes. RPGs and Fatherhood. Own views. He/him/his.

Durham, North Carolina | We sell GreenGuard Grazing Muzzles and in-house designed halters for horses, ponies, and donkeys! We serve the USA, Canada, Central America, and South America.

Costa Rica | Travel and explore the world through the lens of a camera. Veridion Adventures takes you on a journey through the natural world with biologist guided tours.

Altadena, CA | Writer, artist, retired mad scientist, Nazi-puncher. Author of AMONG THE RED STARS. She/her. Represented by @agentjana18.

under various structures | Host of the Rodent Roundtable (coming...someday, honest); friend to humans. Watch us at youtube.com/c/RodentRoundt… !

submitting jobs on the vpn | Google searches for #bioinformatics "not funny" --physicist "haha I don’t get it" --student "pretty dumb” --pipetter “no” --computer “unoriginal” -- reviewer 2

PhD Physicist. Interested in physics, solar cells, renewable energy, gender equality, feminism, poetry, gardening and much more. Pronouns she, her

Raleigh, NC | wildlife conservationist, diversity and inclusion advocate, writer, founder, adventurer, lover of nature, traveler, mother of wild things, first of her name.

Natick, MA | Aggressively socially distant. Handsome fellow in S Natick. Not entirely uncommon. Header lifted from @JoshuaTreeNPS / Luke Sabala. Avatar by Eldest Bobkitten

Jefferson City, MO | Bread Baker ~ Canine Caretaker ~ lang Lover ~ Mushing Maniac ~ Shit Stirrer ~ Alleged Academic, Actual Adjunct & Alliteration Addict she/her ~ immodest woman