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Bio #2019MMM M is for Mixotroph. Be kind to your leaf-bucket friends. Photos: Ch'ien Lee,…; CC BY-SA V. Bazile…
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Phoenix, AZ | I study mother's milk & infant development. Viva la nuance. Editor-in-Chief of March Mammal Madness #2019MMM, ASU prof, "Bloodthirsty angel of kindness & light"

inside | 🦔 Top source of hedgehog facts 🦔 Also other facts 🦔 Hedgehog science, history, art, & lit. facts 🦔 Brought to you by Princess Pricklepants' handservants 🦔

Yggdrasil | Ratatosk, the Norse Squirrel God™: I am a messenger squirrel, running up and down Yggdrasil. I bring messages from dead squirrels.

Occupied Tonkawa land | PhD Candidate @TAMUEEB. Sensory ecology, animal behavior (#bats), & #scicomm. Ultimate player, feminist & dog mom. She/her/hers.

under various structures | Host of the Rodent Roundtable (coming...someday, honest); friend to humans. Watch us at… !