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Bio #2019MMM contestant. I am a leaf bucket and I speak for the plants. #TeamPlants #2020MMM Be kind to your mixotroph friends
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California, USA | Anatomy and biology teacher. Zoo nerd. #StoatsAsMeasurement. #SquidSquad. Servant of @muzgle. she/her. living in unceded Gabielino/Tongva land

Royal Palace, Quillonia | Princess Pricklepants, hedgehog, startup founder, etiquette expert, kaiju aficionado, ninja, etc. 🦔 🦔 🦔 we also bring you @facts_hedgehog & @natureBloggist

California, USA | FermentationScience UCDavis; she/her; madre de dos; animal lover; GUN CONTROL NOW; VoteTheGOPBumsOut2020

Athens, GA | #WomenInSTEM, #PhDlife, #HERper, mom of #PotokCat & #NewtCat. Salamander scientist. She/her.

Right behind you | Geek. Gamer. Scadian. 'Nuff said. My tweets may be explicit. Follow =/= endorsement.

Tampa, Fl | Dead animal collector, March Mammal Madness obsessed APES teacher!

Wiltshire or Uppsala | Predator behaviourist with a love for mammals and arachnids. MSc Ecology and Conservation. @UU_university BSc Wildlife Conservation. @HarperAdamsUni

Miami, FL | Plant and environmental science editor at Encyclopædia Britannica. Interested in plants, ecology, conservation, literature, and Spanish. Opinions are mine.

I am the random number generator that decides the fate of #2019MMM competitors. I am the one that ruins your bracket. I am not sorry.

Guelph, Ontario, Canada | I am inspired by insect biodiversity in ACG, Costa Rica (and other places too!) CAN at UofG Opinions my own he/him/his

Hong Kong | Research Assistant @hku_science working with 🐘. UCL MRes graduate in Biodiversity & Conservation. 🔬🦅 🦇🌱and recycling lover. Opinions are my own.

Edinburgh, Scotland | Evolution and ecology fanatic. Equally interested in the evolution of fuzzy mammal and less-fuzzy experimental populations. 2019 MEME at University of Edinburgh

Olympia, WA | Ohio State Buckeye in WA State. Wildlife conservation professional. Outdoor enthusiast. Ragnar Trail captain. Ask me about bats! MSc. She/her/hers

Boone, NC | Paleoanthropologist at Appalachian State University & co-creator (w/ @JennaKissel) of 2 daughters. He/His