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Bio Comics that I make in my room.
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Chelyabinsk, Russia | That Russian YouTuber who speaks English (also Mandarin but I'm terrible). Kanye stan.

Amsterdam/Seattle | Game label known for #HelloNeighbor #GraveyardKeeper #StreetsOfRogue & more. Discord -

おーくボです | 声が5歳なので用心しといてください アニメ、イラスト、服 、ゲーム作る、ドラム叩く、よろしくね○ご連絡はDMかメールまで) ➡︎[email protected] // バンド⇨ @band_ponchocoぽんちょこ

Lucca | International pop culture festival for comics, boardgames, videogames, role-playing games, fantasy, movies & TV series 👉🏻 Oct 30 - Nov 03 #LuccaCG19

chris ET toonhole DUT com | He/Him. Sony Pictures Animation by day and this other other stuff at night: Cartoons - Patreon -

Santa Monica, CA | ➿🎮⭐️H¥PΞ®PixelProphet+SmashBro💥🥊➿💎Segatendo 🍄 Classic 👾 PC ⌨️ MGS❗️🇯🇵 Game Developer: @Watch Prev: OG @RAZER 🐍 + @RedBullGaming🤘🏼💡🎬🏆🧞‍♂️𝕂ٱค𐡀

Stockholm / The Netherlands | Lead Pixel Artist at Mojang - Working on textures and models for Minecraft ⛏️💀