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We start a new chapter to make great music for you! Debut album Go For Broke is available now! band.link/everaseband Follow us on instagram: @everaseband

Indianapolis, IN | A podcast discussing all things Stephen King with an occasional focus on his magnum opus, The Dark Tower series. Presented by ObsessiveViewer.com

Inside Eddie, perhaps. | Towerjunkie/It side account that I barely use right. Why is Maturin so important if he isn't even part of Gan's beam? Fuckin' loser.


During the month of October we aim to watch 31 horror movies in 31 days, please join in and tell us yours. Plus other horror fun throughout the year 💀

A weekly podcast on the works of Stephen King. Each episode reviews a different entry of his bibliography in the chronological order of publication.

Orlando FL | Guitarist and composer. Heavy metal and classical music. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonian. Lead guitarist at @vertebreakerfl and at @maturemusicpics

United States | The number 19, music, anything percussion, Stephen King, Kung Fu, good beer, and Oh Brother Where Art Thou? I despise the orange criminal traitor in the WH.

Jülich, Germany | l'm breathing #TheDarkTower , also Fan of @katiemelua, Mike Batt. Member of stephen-king.de

Follower of The Dark Tower, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Oakland Raiders, Stephen King, and Lost to name a few. #SaveTheDarkTowerTV