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Bio ey call me Neko • I draw horses and sometimes other things • MidairPonyFair Con Chair • Friends/Mutuals ask about Commissions
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Location, Doxville, USA | I like twin-stick shooters and rhythm games. Anything I tweet while completely inebriated or salty is NOT a cry for help.... fuck off.

Just a nerd who doesn't know how to talk to people. Loves space and drawing garbage art.

Just some pics I draw SFW\NSFW ych.art/user/raota furaffinity.net/user/raota/

Male Writer, Furry who loves cute things, videogames,anime, roleplaying, and most of all, sweets. Like you give a cinnabon or most sweets and I'm happy.

La Guerra nunca cambia Soy un brony mexicano que le gusta la música Mi canal de Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCBIIn…

I learned how to make a sword, I’m going to fucking hurt you they/them please hurt me

Czech Republic | Underachieving overachiever, birchpainter, cloud ethusiast, mother of rats, cat whisperer. No pronouns, don't refer to me.

I'm in the cabinet! | Mallow / 17 / He/They / Personal Account (Mostly retweets, shitposts and vents) 🇧🇷 and 🇺🇸 tweets! Art account: @AliceTheBatata

she/her | Art twitter! SFW, mainly pones. Looking for art trades! Main spam acc: @Zahmancy