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Neil D'Silva

Bio Author: Penguin, Rupa, Hachette | 3 screen deals
President of the India Chapter of HWA
TEDx speaker
Winner: Indian Bloggers Award 2017
Founder: Litventure

Lokasyon Mumbai, India
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Pune, India | Ultra Runner |Guinness Book of World Records |Featured in Indian Book of Records-Indoor Running |161km thrice ( PB Sub 28) |220 km's 37 Hours |Berlin Finisher |

Australia | Male K-12 educator, writer, musician. I write about causes and processes of dreams, not "interpretation." #amwriting #dreams #amteaching #writingcommunity

Massachusetts, USA | Author of the Heaven Sent series #NewAdult Youtube Channel Series "3 Questions With..."…

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Mumbai, India | Founder -Rian Placements, Writer, culinarian and blogger. website - insta - on_sonals_table

Prairie du Sac, WI | My debut YA novel, Everything That Makes Us Feel, is about teen suicide and mental illness. available @amazon @barnesandnoble @walmart. #writer #author #yalit

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हर रोज लगातार कुछ ऐसी चीजें होती हैं जो मेरे मनमुताबिक नहीं होता। ये चीजें जादुई, डरावनी और अजीब होती हैं। मैं अंतिम तकलीफ में हुं।

Tokyo | #Author contemporary fiction, urban explorer, loves Shibuya, WNBphotographer, running retail&fashion consultancy in #Tokyo. Scandinavian based in JPN for 30+yrs

All things books, tea, coffee, current affairs, and K-dramas. Associate Commissioning Editor @PenguinIndia. Views - my own. RTs & Likes not... yada, yada, yada.

Somewhere South of Midnight | Bram Stoker Award-winning author from Ireland ☘️. Baker of Cakes. Sidekick of dog. Cover Designer @ElemonDesign. Wiseacre. Perpetual almost.