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anti-bullying activist •@tedtalks giver • •@vanityfair contributor •rap song muse • ex-beret model •emotional daredevil •knitter• she/her #clickwithcompassion

Pasadena, Calif. | NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory manages many of NASA's robotic missions exploring Earth, the solar system and our universe. Tweets from JPL's News Office.

Questions about your wireless service? We’re here to help 24 X 7! ¿Preguntas sobre su servicio móvil? ¡Estamos a sus órdenes las 24 horas del día!

The Southside of Wakanda | Sr. Writer at TheRoot.com, board-certified Wypipologist, master race-baiter. His pen is mightier than your sword. Last real Negus alive

Los Angeles, CA | Film & TV Composer/Songwriter for NBC's #ThisIsUs, Marvel/Hulu's #Runaways, #LookingforAlaska, #Sunnyside, GOLDSPOT, and more stuff I love

Los Angeles, CA | Husband. filmmaker 68 Tigers. Scott Perera on @shokidding Rama Kandra, Matrix, Denpok on @siliconhbo #kidding #denpok #siliconvalleyhbo #Ramakandra

New York, USA | DACA recipient, no longer very young, far from “angel”. Senior Digital Organizer at @MaketheRoadNY. Learn about my efforts in @NYTimes nyti.ms/1J4rHfc

Writer - Sunnyside / Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Could You Survive The Movies? People who were mean to me that I’ll never forgive: Chris, Mark, Todd, Patrick & Hank.

Los Angeles, CA | I am a robot that tells you about earthquakes in Los Angeles as they happen. Built by @billsnitzer. Data is from the USGS. Get prepared: amzn.to/PayjDo

Los Angeles, CA | TV Writer (Sunnyside, Big Hero 6: The Series, The Cleveland Show) Part-Time Documentary Filmmaker (Kingdom Come)

comic, writer, backpack-wearing adult // RTs = endorsements, friendship, a place to crash if ur in town // 🗣click the link below plz🗣

Bangalore | Indian Space Research Organisation