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Emory Reyes

Bio 1'm 4 m4jor fuck1ng goob3r.
obsss3s3d w1th hom3stuck. th3y/th3m.
4m p4ns3xu4l.
1f 1 don't know you; c4ll m3 frosty

Lokasyon Guadalupe, AZ
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•19 •obsessed with all things drag •black is my happy color •I’m not afraid to take the world on myself

Coney Island | Exposing Harley related garbage takes and tweets. DM me your utterly quinge submissions.♦ Run by @HeresYoBoyAlex. Also runs @TheHarleyHub and @incorrectharlz.

Coney Island | Absolute. 100%. Canon. No lies. No BS. Just Harley things. DM's are open for submissions.♦ Run by @HeresYoBoyAlex. Also runs @TheHarleyHub and @HarleyQuinge.

Milwaukee | 🩸I’m a very inspiring person that shares the stories of my struggles. My passion is inspiring you so you know it’s okay to be yourself❗️

'Straya | Writer of Primalborn. He/They Agender, Aromantic, Bisexual, Biracial, Zarathusti Gnostic. Autistic with ADHD. Looking to hire help. Stan Paul Mattick.

Arkham Asylum | A man is like a deck o cards. Ya need a heart ta love em, a diamond ta marry em,a club ta smash his idiotic head in, an a spade ta bury tha idiot with... 18+RP

Call me Kev! she/her Classic Harley Quinn cosplayer/love♦️ horror movies / all things creepy. strange and unusual 🦇.

On your TV | Nowhere to be found just a Polish girl 🇵🇱 who likes anime and cosplaying and playing video games/Pso2 Ship 2 EN/twitch.tv/kirinpendragon…