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Bio 🔞NSFW Artist, Gamer, Bluejay Gryphon. If you like my work, consider supporting me on Patreon! Patreon page has links to other galleries.🌟 Patreon: FluffKevlar
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Professional Animator/Character Designer and occasional freelancer ^_^ Commissions Closed for now

Arizona | ✨artist ✨ mmo addict ✨ mother of huskies ✨ Playing #ffxiv - Rey Vakarian on Siren, founder of [ HAREM ] 💀 satsukiiart.etsy.com 💀

28 || Female || Digital Artist ✦ Star Wars Fan ✦ Churro Lover ✦ Nap Taker ✦ Nervous Wreck ✦ Support Me? ko-fi.com/pacevanrign

Underneath your bed | 18+ Czech Dragon / constantly squating / Pornsmith / Likes to rawr I'm a NSFW artist so expect to see lots of adult content. mostly of dragons~

A simple dude makes simple things. Comfy, erotic, maybe cute. furaffinity.net/user/2d10/ deviantart.com/2d10art Commissions are closed at the moment.

Hamburg, Germany | 🔞Garbage Production Unit🔞 Commissions closed I don't Roleplay, sorry furaffinity.net/user/hallogreen

The land of the Tea Drinkers | Artist | Animator | INTJ | He/Him | Guy interested in too many subjects

Butthole, ASS | ❗️NSFW 18+❗️Dragons - Monsters - Butts | Adult account of @tojothethief | no commissions | HD Packs: gumroad.com/tojothethief

Irvine, CA | 3D printed sculpture hobbyist. Lighting Artist for Blizzard Cinemtics. prev. Disney where I learned to draw while working on Zootopia. @CiderBunArt❤

wolvalix.tumblr.com furaffinity.net/user/wolvalix/ some person who want to do some stuff