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Bio “Man is above all else mind, consciousness - that is, he is a product of history, not of nature.”
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Dublin, Ireland | Work in telly. Also watch a lot of it and live my life vicariously through it. Good times.

Dublin // National University of Ireland, Maynooth | Empire, Emergency & International Law (@CUP_Law 2017) // Third World Approaches to International Law (@RoutledgeBooks 2017)

EarthiZen |, Distribution, Internetworks

Dublin City, Ireland | There ye are! Original form of Hi! A Bad Day response: Here I am, n sure where else would I be? And No One Got Hurt! -- The Hidden Sophistication of Talk

Dubliner | Pics: also @DublinImages and @ReadsCutlers

born in Ireland | Once a year, go someplace you've never been before. Embrace individuality. Support local independents. #LFC

Sligo, Ireland | Highlighting the historical connections between Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ & Sligo’s cholera epidemic of 1832 FB: SligoBramStokerSociety Insta: sligodraculasociety

Ireland | Researching the lives of enslaved people & slaveholders. Postgrad #PublicHistory student/London-born Irish/3rd gen economic migrant

Dublin | Publisher - literary magazine since 1998 - books since 2005 - also workshops and seminars - supported by - Declan tweeting

Belfast, Northern Ireland | AHRC funded NB PhD candidate. Research in Audio-Describing the Maze/Long Kesh. Interested in Audio Description and Accessibility. Girl with Yellow Bike

dublin | Videographer, Podcast engineer/producer and Ableton Live trainer with Singer with Electric Mud. Guitar player and Music Producer for me. DJ