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Bio WARNING: I may overwhelm you with my unrelenting focus on respectful, honest, and rational communication. I'm also a math-curious girl who loves trance music ♡
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Pro: nuance, authentic discourse, resisting ideological echo chambers and being open to new information. Anti: extremism on both ends of the political spectrum.

Texas, 'Murica! | • Female • Deist • Software Eng. & Data Sci. • Soon tobe Dr. Emily! • Sexual NSFW = Block • Memes • Anti-Thots and Degeneracy

The space of pure reason | Mel Andrews. PhD student in phil bio, cogsci, mind. Organisms, evolution, cognition, complexity, consciousness, AI & ALife, life-mind continuity, the FEP.

Literature, history, philosophy, science, craft beer and more. I tweet a lot about politics & social issues. Liberal, but I don’t always agree with the left.

Hollywood, California | former Point of Inquiry / For Good Reason host, mind-reader, skeptic, aspiring humanist in both senses. RTs are not necessarily endorsements.

SF Bay Area, CA | I was a terror since the public school era. —Posts = personal work, sometimes cataloged to mg.lol. — Projects turned “product” = o.mg.lol

Chicago, IL | Founder & ED at @ElectionScience. Lover of effective altruism. Former founder & ED at @MaleBCNow #Vegan #Locksport #BJJ #Bouldering #Transit #Philanthropy

Solvang, California | Amateur spider catcher, veteran, scientist. Descendant of Wildlings, dissidents, and troublemakers.

Institut Benjamenta | "I buried my face / but it spoke once again..." (T.v.Zandt). I play acoustic and bass guitar. Interested in music, literature, science & history.

It's a timey-wimey thing | I'm an anti-PC liberal, aging jock & informational hygienist. I’m interested in pop culture, politics, public health, technology & sports, among other things.