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Bio WARNING: I may overwhelm you with my unrelenting focus on respectful, honest, and rational communication. I'm also a math-curious girl who loves trance music ♡
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Basically a centrist looking for middle ground. Family, psychological research, beer, cooking, sci fi. Be excellent to each other.

Texas, 'Murica! | • Female • Deist • Software Eng. & Data Sci. • Soon tobe Dr. Emily! • Sexual NSFW = Block • Memes • Anti-Thots and Degeneracy

Literature, history, philosophy, science, craft beer and more. I tweet a lot about politics & social issues. Liberal, but I don’t always agree with the left.

Doylestown, OH | Christ-Follower✝️ 🙏 Husband, Father, Conservative, Patriot🇺🇸ProLife👶 1A, 2A 🇺🇸🙏 #MAGA #KAG

Alabama | Love America’s Constitution & Bill of Rights. Freedom! Safe & secure border wall. Legal immigration, not illegal aliens

St. Louis, MO | St. Louis & Missouri: Hiking & Bicyclin. State Parks, Music, Beer, Heavy Industry, Watersheds/Environment, History. #Mizzou