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Bio 'The plural of anecdote is data' —George J. Stigler, Nobel Prize in Economics | ぴん ぴん ころり—Pin Pin Korori —'healthy until you drop dead' | 'PubMed Warrior' 😉
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St. Petersburg, FL | Husband, Father, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Penn State Alum, Low Carb/Carnivore/IF. Views are my own. Not medical advice

Seattle, WA | Engineer and problem solver with an interest in nutrition and n=1 personal experimentation in diet, exercise and lifestyle. Alter-ego of @VirtuallyNathan

Prague, Czech Republic | Looking into nutrition #lcl6 and longevity. Self-directed education. Bitcoin. Ex @Trezor. Ex architecture. Ex quantum field theory. Full time father.

Buenos Aires - Argentina | Geek before it became trendy. Director of Quantitative Research. Former Founder of @Corvalius. Performance & #MachineLearning.

Cape Town, South Africa | @Pandata19 co-ordinator, investor, actuary. No reset required. New normal is abnormal.

Author of the YANKEE REPUBLIC series of mythic radio adventures! amazon.com/gp/product/B07… #PulpRev #Superversive #MakeScienceFictionFunAgain

Wichita, KS | Assistant Prof @WichitaState @ISEGWichita. Physics-math-econ. Operatic 🤘 fan, theorist, writer, singer. Complexity, growth, games, AI. Has opinions. 🏴

Durham, NC | Physiologist @DukeMedicine Researching the Effects of Food and Physical Activity on Human Health. @Illinois_Alma alum. Tweets reflect my own opinions.

Orlando, FL | ABC Wines, LA Lakers' Consultant, NYT Bestselling Author, Deep Nutrition, The FatBurn Fix. Flavor=Nutrition. Working at Eradicating T2DM #VegOilSucks #FatBurn

Pecos, NM | Native Am. (Taos) linguistic anthropologist. Ph.D (linguistics): U. of Chi.& Ph.D. (anthropology): U. of AZ. Specialty: Native Am languages & anthropology

Colorado, USA | Senior editor and economist at the Mises Institute. Former economist at State of Colorado. Author of 'Commie Cowboys.'

United States | Stanford Prof. of Biophysics, Cambridge PhD and DSc, 2013 Chemistry Nobel Laureate (complex systems), FRS & US National Academy member, I code well for my age.