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Bio Anarcho-chillest, the guy that made that video you don't like. NB. He/Him dude+

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The number one New Zealand breadtuber. Nobody has proven that wrong yet. Trans-Femme/Trans-woman. Lazy Leftie. Twitch:

Philadelphia | West Philly SJW researching radical white supremacy. 'Might literally be the worst person in the city' -Billy Ciancaglini. She/her, banner @silentplanetart.

Toronto, ON | Fond of labour law, administrative law, city planning, economics, language, long lists, and the Oxford comma.

Toronto, Ontario | I YouTube. He/him. Ask me a question here: Support my work here:

New York, USA | Chaotic Neutral Video Producer. @polygonshow + @_RocketFM. Smart but trustworthy shark and non-romanceable NPC. She/her

England, United Kingdom | Leftist Youtuber. Intersectional anti-capitalist. Feminist. Vegan. She/ her. Patreon:

A pastry that does crime and makes YouTube videos. / /

Pale Blue Dot | 🥺🤮🌹Two indentured plebs give you their comedic spin on the pale blue dot. (he/we/them)

Maine & NYC | Wario stan. Tired man. Pizza, dogs, and Jackie Chan. Video Producer at @polygon. After hours streams @

Glasgow, Scotland | writer, youtube creator, story coach. anti-capitalist powered by cake. the plot embryo is my religion. wrote State of Flux. made @Prep_tober