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Everywhere and no where | Back up acct 4 ♥♏️ CrystalwolfLady♥ @krystalwolfgrl ☮️ #Resist ♥#shaman♥#tarot reader #crystals #reikiMaster ♥NAMASTE♥ #BlessedBe♥I♥ dogs🐾🐺#StandforWolves

New York, NY | Biz Dev Expert, DrawingRooms.Org Board Trustee, DMCNY & DMFA Member - Eco-ware, Marketing, Architecture, Communication & Art

Ocean Township, NJ | (((Rabbi Cy Stanway))) Husband, dad, Rabbi, drum student, guitarist, ham radio operator, CW enthusiast, and most of the time, really, really patient

Green Bay, WI | Retired Mental Health Counselor, Citizen of the World, Patriot of Pre-Trump America, Believer in the message of kindness and compassion in the Christian Faith

Melbourne | Love art, books, movies, lots of online things, Australian light, smell of gumtrees in the sun.

California, USA | Fabulous, energetic, and totally super committed to creating opportunities for students in America. Happy to reside in Southern CA.

LaGrange, GA | Artist. Asea Redox Supplement Associate & believer in miracles. Mom to one boy and twin girls , married to a really great guy.

Massachusetts, USA | #EmptyTheTanks #EndYulinFestival #tweet4taji #tweet4dolphins #blackfish #NoDogMeat #NoIvory #TheCove#TrapTheTrappers #EndDogFighting

Democrat, Engineer, Prof. skydiver, father and husband. Only on Twitter to watch Trump's meltdown in realtime. Science is real, religion is a bedtime story.