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Rachel Stomel

Bio Activist, translator, purveyor of niche Jewish jokes. English Communications Director for the Center for Women's Justice @cwjisrael
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London | US playwright/b'caster/BBCAnyQuestions/MoralMaze/SkyNews/ITVDrama4PBS/Books:SpitfireGirls/Don'tTreadonMe;nextWW2racism/RTSnominee/agent:CecilyWare/BAFTAmember🎬

Traverse City, MI | Board Certified Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. Writer, and art maker. Lover of lake swimming, and dogs.

Lenape land | daughter of deserts, seas, and olive trees 🌿 she/her/ella.

GI Fellow at the University of Washington, @MedChiefs UChicago and Mount Sinai alum. Tweets not medical advice, may not represent views of my employer. She/hers

New York, NY | Writer, Puppeteer, Actor, Singer, World Traveler, Sword Fighter. Standing against hate in all forms!🏳️‍🌈Ally, Cis, She/Her, ✡️ Loves📚&🐶s #amquerying

PNW | I'm just here for the justice. Exmormon content, migraine content, Jewish content. Not in that order.

pdx🛩️atl🛩️lax | 🦠🦟#epidemiologist. #InfectionPreventionPosse 🌈🦄🌵🍩🌊🐶the💚of my life is 63 in 🐕 years💙knitter🧡erstwhile yogi♥️she/her💜views my own🗻@EmoryRollins alum

Michigan, USA | College Student Extrodinaire, Jew-ish, Computer Science on the main, of the Philosophic Persuasion