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Bio 🅰🅽🅸🅼🅴  ıś ȏȗя 🅴🆂🅲🅰🅿🅴 ғяȏṃ ṭһıś 🅱🆄🅻🅻🆂🅷🅸🆃 ċѧʟʟєԀ 🆁🅴🅰🅻🅸🆃🆈. (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

~Art posted is not mine~

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Pornic, France | Let’s commit the perfect CRIME , I STEAL your HEART and you STEAL Mine ❤️✨⭐️🌙NM🌹❤️ Belongs to @Touka_Kanekii ❤️#OtakusUnited #GhoulsUnited #OtakusRule ❤️{18+}

my howard's venting corner and also i might get lewd in there but my main wont which is @Mahmoudfightaz4

Purgatory | a gingerbread man lives in a gingerbread house, is the house made of flesh or is he made of house? discord.gg/8RrARNy

Girl! I am girl! Earthbound is, like, my favorite video game Sometimes I draw and write And I like to make OCs/FCs

Moncton, New Brunswick | I make very offensive jokes for a living cuz I’m a prick, I also play guitar, I sing and I draw... occasionally.

Friendship is all about Trusting each other, Helping each other, Loving each other, Being Krazzzy Together Love all my Krazzy Friends both new and old Xx

Trinidad and Tobago | Gamer, Resident Evil4Ever, where is Jill Valentine, Original 90s Konoha Shinobi, Otaku, Lvl 34, Final Fantasy, Jrpgs, Anime, Rurouni Kenshin

Melbourne, Victoria | Hi, I’m Tomoe (pronoun Tom-Moe-Way) I’m a gamer and actor, don’t hesitate if you want to talk to me 😊🙏 rp daughter @cwen_the

두바이 (Dubai) | I purple you ㅡ; ARMY 💜 addicted to #방탄소년단 #전정국 enthusiasts 🐰 I have two nicknames Gempi and Jelly :) My idol is @OliverMoy & #BTS

🌸 Disneyland 🌸 | 🌸°🐰°Bunny girl°🐰°🌸°🌸°I love cute anime girls ° 🌸°🌸°non of this art are mine°🌸 #LeagueOfLegends player ( Uttta ) #EU_west 🌸 @mokh_akh my darling 🌸

所在地は産まれてから東京都。本籍地は大阪府。出産地は山形県。 | 呟き少なめRTとファボ多めな㍼な人 五月蝿かったら【RT表示しない】にしてね 👀緑内障以外の病気は全て【ストレス性】&【遺伝性】と診断されている😨数多の病気のうち三つは通院治療中🏥【パニック障害】で通院してるのはなかなか信じてもらえない😓 心身供に病んでる感は否めない😰こんな奴ですが宜しく📌固ツイ見てね❗

Cairo, Egypt | i am a just good old nintendo fan, (he/him) my friendcode is:4507-3708-4981smash,kof,street fighter🌙 discord:Mahmoud Ehab#5128 my alt is @mahmoudalt69