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India's first panel quiz show.
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BOM/BLR | You have chosen wisely by clicking on this profile, now act on this wisdom and click follow 😀| likes to interact | keep smiling

Hyderabad, India | A singer, cricket & F1 fan, traveler, management professional and more ... a person full of life. This is life of PI !

new delhi | A sports fanatic, a movie buff, foodie, Quizzer & Liverpool FC for life !! Hate the leftists and dealing with the Rightists 😏 Klopp is a Genius!

दर्द या पीड़ा स्नायु तंत्र में वह सामान्य संवेदना है जिसकी शुरुआत आपको किसी भी संभावित चोट तथा अपनी देखभाल के प्रति सतर्क करने के लिये होती है।

Toronto, Ontario | Data Scientist- Banker- Anorak- Football fan- Language/Culture/History Enthusiast

India | Always on the Right side in the battle of ideologies. Movies, Music and Rabindra Sangeet!

Chicago, IL | Scientist, Post-doc at Mankin-Vazquez lab @shuramankin @UIC_CBS, Bibliophile, amateur quizzer, part time chef, full time mom.

Mumbai, India | 🔸Journalism, Mumbaiwale & Recharge columns @htTweets🔸#TaxiTop insta @thegreaterbombay🔸WordyWordpecker show @ivmpodcasts🔸Buy #EverydayZine @joinpaperplanes