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Bio NearEast & EastMeditteranean hostage to Geography & History! News & opinion on geopolitics, security ,conflict ,opportunities ,business. RTs not endorsement
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Paris, France | Sur Twitter, je partage mon expertise #EconomieVerte #GreenEconomy #Banque #Finance #RSE #DD 🌍☘️🌳💶

Curriculum and Instruction Specialist in conflict zones 🇦🇫 | Masters in Middle East & Central Asian Security Studies @univofstandrews | RTs ≠ endorsement

Parts Unknown | Works and Plays with all 5 Senses | Each Day has at least one #CinematicMoment | Life without Laughter is a Serious Problem | People think I’m @MannyPacquiao

South Africa | Husband. Father. Pipe Smoker. Lover of Classicism, Philosophy and Russian Literature. Disciple to the poetry of Yiannis Ritsos. Was once an Athenian.

xIBM AI strategist. Previous: AI research lab, ed-tech/tech startups, VC. Historian. Weapon of Choice. amazon.com/Weapon-Choice-…

Malta | Giant Inc. Founder. Δεξί Χαφ, ανθέλλην, φιλελέρας. Γκομενιάρης και Καψούρης με τη Βίρνα. Σάντρα αν με ακούς, πέρνα από τη Giant.