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Bio Feminist, sports fan, professional liar; the most illustrious writer you've never heard of; could easily be a part-time model
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Irvine, CA | Irvine mom & Consumer Protection Attorney. Representative for #CA45 in Congress. #PorterSupporter IG: KatiePorterOC

Coral Gables, Fl | Proud Nicaraguan-AMERICAN. I ❤️ hyphens. Catch me on @CNN @Telemundo @TheView. Failed dieter. This is my country. I’m not going back anywhere. Deal w/it.

New York | Emmy Nominated Comedian, Actor, Singer, Satirist, Internet Sensation & TV Personality. Bookings, Tickets, Press:

anti-bullying activist •@tedtalks giver • •@vanityfair contributor •rap song muse • ex-beret model •emotional daredevil •knitter• she/her #clickwithcompassion

조동필 @Monkeypaw Productions. ’Us’, ‘GET OUT', 'BlacKkKlansman', ‘The Twilight Zone’, ‘Wendell & Wild’, ‘Lorena’, ‘Hunters’, ’Candyman’, ‘Lovecraft Country’

Brooklyn, NY | Writer at Late Night with Seth Meyers. iO and Second City alum. I've never met a person I didn't try to high five.

San Francisco, CA | OB/GYN, appropriately confident, lasso of truth, Canadian Spice, I speak for no one but me. The Vagina Bible (bestseller! OMG). Jensplaining, NYT contributor.

New York | The Amber Ruffin Show coming to Peacock in Sept! Late Night With Seth Meyers - Drunk History. Musical writer - King of Kong The Musical, Bigfoot and The Wiz!

400 miles up, lookin' down | ARCHAEOLOGY FROM SPACE (Henry Holt) @Global_Xplorer, Professor @uabnews, Egyptologist, mom, 2020 Guggenheim Fellow, speaking requests @tuesdayagency she/her

Birmingham, AL | An innovative network of healthcare services that provide a complete range of care for patients from all over the world. Privacy:

Birmingham, AL | Updates from Birmingham's world-renowned research university and health care center: The University of Alabama at Birmingham. Go Blazers! 🐲

Butte & Plumas Co. Ca, USA | She is an 6th generation 🐮 & 🐖 rancHer. Aghag. The Feminist. HSP. Provocatrice. Speaker. Writer. Still learning. 👩‍🌾 Small, but mighty.

Bury me in Alabama, NYC until then | I needed 5 yrs to get a 4yr degree, do NOT take me serious. I do comedy on a stage, sometimes on @TheDailyShow. Proud FAMU grad reppin the 205

Massachusetts | U.S. Senator, former teacher. Wife, mom (Amelia, Alex, Bailey, @CFPB), grandmother, and Okie. She/her. Official campaign account.

Chicago | Proud descendant of Hex Throwing Goons. Daintiest stroll since Mae West.. Author of Amazons, Abolitionists and Activists (5 Nov 19) & Hood Feminism 25 Feb 20.

The Gaygency, Wakanda | I want a tiny baby elephant. If you clap, I clap back. I write: Ayiti, Untamed State, Bad Feminist, Difficult Women, World of Wakanda, Hunger, Not That Bad.

Birmingham, AL | DevOps, Dev[Sec/Thing/*]Ops, configuration management/sanity, musician, dad, ADHD, large #NoEstimates mood, I #KickVic 'd 17 times by proxy, he/him/they