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iPhone : my bad i aint see u there lol

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iPhone : Christian guys trying to impress the girls after fellowship lunch

iPhone : Let’s take a look inside the mind of Adam Gase

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iPhone : listening to lift yourself

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iPhone :

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iPhone : Yall keep talking bout future being a deadbeat but what if his kids just dont want a father? Like they straight on…

iPhone : you could cum in my girl mouth and make her swallow every drop and i still won’t be affected

iPhone : Supreme Patty Is Making A Living Off Extorting Dudes With Weird Necks.

iPhone : if she wont fuck i wont make her!…

iPhone : my coworker get so distracted ima jus start giving him adderall

iPhone : 6ix9ine's former manager "Shotti" just hired El Chapo's lawyer to defend him...because of course:…

iPhone : its 2019. u just got home from work. u buy a new video game in an attempt to feel something. u get bored after an h…

Twitter Web App : TSA has officially stopped giving a fuck. SICKO MODE (dirty version) is playing on the speakers at JFK lmfaooo