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iPhone : I love Ariana and JoJo. You can’t tell me nothing about my girls. They SING. Don’t @ me. It’s not up for debate.

iPhone : Team Erik Killmonger. Jasmine.

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iPhone : “J. Cole is trending and I can’t figure it out.” Y’all don’t use Google anymore?

iPhone : Pickin it up. Pickin it up. I’m lovin I’m livin it UP.

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iPhone : she was calling the 8 counts all night. she wasn't lost; she was prepping the dancers for the next 8. you know not… https://t.co/usnSSkvlcU

iPhone : Please get a new man queen, you deserve better lord 😭 twitter.com/chokolatontop/…

iPhone : that be the problem. sitting around yuckin it up with other men who also need therapy. twitter.com/djhdlikethetv/…

iPhone : Egging and cheering black girls on is part of the problem. Own that shyt or stop complaining about the larger social consequences.

iPhone : Y'all really out here clapping for young black women to be out here fist-fighting young men? Okay.

iPhone : The video says that only 9% of the students there are black. IF half of them are male, then only 5% are black youn… https://t.co/RKlQe6byba

iPhone : As usual, look who's on the frontlines. Sorry, not clapping for this. twitter.com/TheRickyDavila…

iPhone : when you first wake up don't hop right on the phone or the internet or even speak to anyone for even up to an hour… https://t.co/7ZRIe8oL5f

iPhone : She needs to be arrested. twitter.com/abc/status/987…