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Android : please come back

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Android : A concept: you fall in love with yourself after loathing yourself for many years

Android : work fucking hard, don’t take shit from anybody, never give up, and don’t ever forget to thank those who help you accomplish your dreams

Android : The universe works in mysterious ways but all for your advancement. Trust it with all your heart, mind & soul.

Android : MAGDA'S GREEN JUICE RECIPE: banana, pineapple, water, coconut milk, lemon juice, sunflower seeds, vegan vanilla pro… https://t.co/fK7umDKIq9

Android : Know that everything is meant for u is already yours. Time moves around your perception of it.

Android : march starts and ends with a full moon so if you’ve been waiting for a sign to change, this is it

Android : I aspire to be an elegant woman who is well read, fluent in many languages, who takes frequent trips to the ballet… https://t.co/jF8nnh5com

Android : How to STAY motivated: - Take it one day at a time - Remember why you started - Surround yourself with positivity… https://t.co/vOoUUJ7a7F

Android : 4 things you can’t recover in life: • Words after they’re said. • Moments after they’re missed. • Actions after th… https://t.co/A6JFClR3YD