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Twitter Web App : New fad diet: only eat things you can sing to the tune of “Alexander Hamilton”

Twitter Web App : Blu was so ready for the party and she wasn’t allowed bc she’s a pitbull fuck petsmart

iPhone : Me with my favorite freckle

Twitter Web App : I'm excited to share this piece of animation home work. Its done in stop motion, I made everything out of paper and…

Twitter Web App : SoulPancake Don’t make fun of things that people can’t control

Twitter Web App : unity doesn’t mean some people stay silent about their lives for the ease and comfort of others. unity means unders…

Twitter Web App : so for anyone that wants to donate but lives out of state: go to your location donation bank and place a donation f…

Twitter Web App : "I've learned that I still have a lot to learn." // Maya Angelou

Twitter Web App : SoulPancake Disrupt Aging Still haven’t decided, but I am young :) I’m trying a lot of things and sometimes failin……

Twitter Web App : Yesterday, our king penguins Elliot, Ethel & Arthur, Gentoo penguin Schroeder, and southern rockhopper penguins Woo…

Twitter Web App : “One day you will look back and see that all along you were blooming.” ~ Morgan Harper Nichols

Twitter Web App : priest: it be like that sometimes congregation: and sometimes like that it be

Twitter Web App : Fuck the “I don’t know enough to vote” attitude, bitch LEARN enough to vote. This is going to affect your life a lo…