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iPhone : me randomly thinking of a vine i saw 4 years ago

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iPhone : it me :) 👑🐯 Does this mean we’re soon getting a full r&b playlist??

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iPhone : Ayye yal can hate but Soulja Boy is absolutely right about this 🤷🏾‍♂️

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iPhone : Srä

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iPhone : milf 🖤 At this point we are one. Period.

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iPhone : I’ve been fasting all week. I’m going to make me the biggest salad tomorrow and enjoy myself

iPhone : Let me find that throw up video of u for the tl since u wanna talk…

iPhone : It’s so disheartening seeing working class black people shaming or making jokes about people losing their section 8 and/or food stamps.

iPhone : Everything is important. And everything is rapidly changing. Your identity will keep changing. Quality can suddenly…

iPhone : I forgive myself for rejecting my truth and silencing my story. I forgive myself for not believing in my worth. I f…

iPhone : They appear to be a thing! Cute af😭…

iPhone : My baby snaps everytime…

iPhone : A huge importance in any creative craft is having projects that age well. People may not vibe with it when it first…

iPhone : Crackheads be so happy man maybe crack not that bad.…