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I clear out my page a lot srysry.

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Twitter Web Client : also sorrysorry to the follows I got recently 99.9% of this account is usually sparkle animal spam

Twitter Web Client : Hi I opened up my shop again to put up the charms I have leftover if you're interested !

iPad : Here was doodle stuff as I was trying to make brushes

iPad : I need to register her but idk what to write shhsdhdhjd

iPad : A lot of tiny doodle from reference. Please don’t rt this 😅

Twitter Web Client : Key🌸 I'm laughinggg ty !!! i aim to work down to the fastest laziest style possible shell prob just be a circle eventually

Twitter Web Client : Key🌸 fjdslf TY AGAIN AHH ahah i still love how unimpressed she looks... i definitely feel it (which would……

Twitter Web Client : chibi commission for Bek CRIES THANK YOU FOR COMMISSIONING ME TO DRAW YOUR MOST PERFECT MASCOT, I love her so…

Twitter Web Client : im trying to make a simple color scheme so i can have the maximum lazy design. all i need now is to make a flower p……

Android : ❄ㅤKiyokoㅤ❄ I actually just learned that what happened was my app changed my timeline to seeing most popular tweets f……

Android : ❄ㅤKiyokoㅤ❄ Ohh man thank you I didn't know you could do that !! I havent seen one for months and today I'm inundated with them suddenly haha

Twitter Web Client : Oh gosh ;o; <3 I'm so glad you liked them and would want to send one as a gift ahh ! Thank you so much f……