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SnapStream TV Search : .Michael Steele tears into Republicans for putting Trump before the country. #ctl #p2

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SnapStream TV Search : Trump is losing it because Pelosi isn't falling for his crazy. ow.ly/N9QX30nliGn

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SnapStream TV Search : Democrats have one message for Trump. Grow up, and reopen the government. ow.ly/qyJ230nli3X

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SnapStream TV Search : Nancy Pelosi isn't just beating Trump. She's humiliating him. ow.ly/n9rs30nlfRD

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SnapStream TV Search : There will be no Trump #SOTU if he keeps the government closed.

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dlvr.it : GOP Senators Have the Most to Lose in Trump’s Shutdown Disaster dlvr.it/QwpNyj

dlvr.it : NY Times: Trump is Stuck With a ‘Team of Morons’ in the White House dlvr.it/QwpB4Z

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SnapStream TV Search : Rep. Rashida Tlaib hits Trump for continuing to milk the government even as hundreds of thousands of federal worker… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

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