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iPhone : My father at my sister’s wedding last summer. He was pretty sick at the time. Been looking at this for hours.

iPhone : The run

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iPhone : And this is a real thing happening right now. 8-10 inches. Pffft. Maybe next time you will slow me down Mother Natu……

iPhone : Well, I just got my dad’s snowblower working so later I’m gonna have to spin this into the need for modern technolo……

iPhone : When we were shoveling earlier I explained to my boys how we were like Rocky and the rich boys with the snowblowers were like Drago.

iPhone : I told my boys when shoveling to look up every 3 or 4 scoops at the rich boy with his snowblower. You want it more than he does kid.

iPhone : As I transition to an older man I focus more on the finesse aspect of shoveling and my boys work on those long power strips of the driveway.