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iPhone : I have used Bumble for a week now and have not enjoyed myself thus far

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iPhone : It took the leader of the free world less than 24 hours to make this exact spelling error

iPhone : I put music to that Trump protester screaming "nooo" hahaha

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iPhone : Ranger❄️Kimmy Imagine getting back from the pub at 2am and realizing there’s no food left in your house so you ha… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

iPhone : Luke Gasque This man shows up to your house party uninvited and starts showing your girl his tweets, wyd?

iPhone : Delete this shit. No ones parents are “blown away” by a fucking prom date mate. twitter.com/kbnoswag/statu…

iPhone : maxi Wys. Obviously mans gonna go quay for a maccies ting. Weathers a bit peak still. But beats staying at yard and not doing bits bmt

iPhone : kar ♐️ Imagine criticizing the morals of a hypothetical person from a twitter joke

iPhone : jake Michael Scott quoting a song = music majors 😂 Michael Scott talking about money = finance majors 😂😂

iPhone : Imagine being blown away by the beauty of your son’s prom date and feeling genuinely proud of him for the first tim… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

iPhone : Ian Miller Hey Ian, big fan. How would you feel about being the first guest on my new podcast?

iPhone : Zoë Pugh Dm her your location asap. She’s struggling