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iPhone : heelie-five-oh

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iPhone : customer: hi- H&M employees:

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iPhone : Women are out here getting their hearts broken by guys like this

iPhone : When people try to come for me and say mean things 😪

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iPhone : Let this be known on the record that god really came thru when he made Kiwis 🥝

iPhone : BAD STORY: I decided to take a lil after-lunch cat nap in my car, which was a good idea, but then I had sleep paral…

iPhone : my girl: "i love mario kart!!! lets play, but if i win i get to go through your phone 😈 I'm really good though so…

iPhone : The Mix2 Menu is here, starting at just $4. 🙌 Take a photo of your #Mix2Menu order and tag Del Taco Restaurants) 's Twitter Profile">Del Taco Restaurants, and we’ll sen…

iPhone : my favorite band is sean pablo and harry styles playing nirvana covers…

iPhone : just got pulled over and the cop did nothing but roast me the entire time

iPhone : i cant stop thinking about the one time back in high school we used to have an art show for all the students art an…

iPhone : when your date says something that’s a red flag but they’re cute enough it doesn’t matter…

iPhone : Listens to Salad Days once…