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Android : this is the new way to wipe your tears now

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Android : #iKONinMelbourne #iKONTINUEinMelbourne Hanbin soundcheck

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Android : their reaction when yoongi caught the fish please he was so happy and excited

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Android : Jungkook: h- Jin:

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Android : do yall remember this soft video in which all bts members was holding jk's hand 🤧🤧

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Android : not to be nsfw but the thought of someone smiling against my lips as we kiss? really makes a bitch’s heart flutter

Android : am i the only one who won’t see burn the stage movie :/

Android : so the company that made yoongis ‘SUGA’ rings made taehyung a ring with the V sign engraved in it that’s amazing https://t.co/13OeUjgzfY

Android : seokjin everytime he sees jungkook twitter.com/nomjeon/status…

Android : lo siento pero los berrinches de jimin son lo más hermoso que existe en este mundo ya tengo nuevo tono de llamada… https://t.co/sEzCWvXFbm

Android : "how is this a friendship trip with one member missing" "friendship trip starts when taehyung gets here" jimin kee… https://t.co/lv2GvIlhSx

Android : i dont know whats funnier the fact seokjin checked at the end if someone saw him even though he knows hes being fil… https://t.co/95CH5qN1kU