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Android : Real-life "attention", collected with an eye tracker. We focus only on 60% of the words. #ICLR2018

Android : If you are here at #ICLR2018, make sure to stop by our poster!

Android : Another pretty sketchy clip of the Old Masters model in action.

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Android : One-shot immitation learning from noisy labeled data!

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Android : Deep RL has a lot of catching up to do. 🤖👏🏼

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Android : Haha, yes! Paper: (via hardmaru)

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Twitter Web Client : Everyone interested in program synthesis should read this excellent post on synthesis papers at #ICLR2018. Thanks,…

Android : .Andrej Karpathy : sleep-lost pie chart transition from academia to industry. Time spent worry about dataset >> time spen…

Twitter Web Client : Read more about #ProgramSynthesis and our paper at #ICLR2018 in… and don't forget to check o…

Android : We are at #ICLR2018 this week! Join us for today’s poster session (East Meeting Level 1, 2, 3) or swing by our stan…

Twitter Web Client : Just published a #ProgramSynthesis papers guide at #ICLR2018 -… Let me know if I'm missing a……

Twitter Web Client : I’m at #ICLR2018, come by posters today 11am-1pm to learn about “Towards Specification-Directed Program Repair” (……