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iPhone : All I’m saying is, our former president was a Leo. Our current one, is a Gemini

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iPhone : Brave bullied boy shares heart-wrenching account of mistreatment at the hands of his peers

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iPhone : Bellissima Italia✨

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iPhone : Travis Scott recreated the meme last night lmaooo

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iPhone : feeling slutty might hang a thong on the christmas tree who knows

iPhone : Leo: i wanna give all of my love to someone Leo when someone shows interest in them: next

iPhone : my uber driver was playing classical music the entire ride + it's snowing, I thought I was in a Russian drama and w…

iPhone : nah i def gotta restart that part i didn't appreciate it enough

iPhone : i refuse to read a whole blank screen w words on it on snap.. lmao BLOCKEDTTTTT

iPhone : hell is not a place, hell is not a certain evil... hell is other people... or the lack thereof... and their lack of love...

iPhone : yall don't know nothing bout PLANET MOTHERFUCKING EARTH