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iPhone : i put the alien voice filter over this hispanic twitter classic and i cannot stop laughing

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iPhone : So my dad sent this to me 💀💀💀

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iPhone : left the nail shop with a sprained ligament 😂😂

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iPhone : Nobody’s fallback game stronger than your dog when you come home smelling like another dog.

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iPhone : Now this is the real comparison... “And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eterna…

iPhone : When y’all play fighting and all of a sudden you remember what he did on October 17th at 5:46pm…

iPhone : skinny’s girls are so lucky I’d prolly disconnect his shoulder from his body.…

iPhone : Bilingual culture is understanding a third language that’s close to your language just enough to understand half of…

iPhone : dudes be 5'7" talkin 'bout "i love short girls😍" stfu you are a short girl

iPhone : This is not getting the media coverage that it should.…

iPhone : 65) it’s not my fault it’s not my fault

iPhone : 38) i’d prolly eat that fuckin potato