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iPhone : *Fuckboi Ex calling me* Me : Hi? Also me : Oh, cannot hear you over my success sorry

iPhone : I am out of sheet masks

iPhone : me: violence isn't the answer *sees person being mean to their dog* me:

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iPhone : Saved my life tbh

iPhone : Me trying my best to look happy while taking pics with the guy I give 0 fucks about

iPhone : This woman is everything twitter.com/drugproblem/st

iPhone : You thought you were smart but look what happened xxx

iPhone : Do not make me spill the tea you'll burn yourself bitch

iPhone : Got my mcqueen scarf today that's what I deserve tbh

iPhone : You pay so much for them and make an effort to have one but that work will pay off

iPhone : They'll aaaalllllwaaaaysss make you look great and also feel you great

iPhone : Never try to understand how men "work" they actually do not.

iPhone : It has been such a long time since I've loved someone and get loved back the same amount wow SHOCKER

iPhone : Men are trash. EITHER THEY'RE 7 OR 70 THEY.ARE.TRASH

iPhone : I haven't done a beauty routine this week i feel like shit