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Android : It's OK... in the name of Obsession. #OneObsession

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Android : Ahh! Im so happy to be honored as a Barbie Shero alongside these incredible women! #InternationalWomensDay #Barbie

Android : Brooklynnnnn!! And also I did not pee my pants in this photo I am fully potty trained

Android : Selfies with jimmy fallon

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Android : Jimmy & Chloe Kim photobomb unsuspecting fans! #Olympics #FallonFive

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Android : Very excited to not need a guardian's signature on registration forms for contests anymore. Perks

Android : If someone says they hate you just say "ok" and go on with your day. They hate you cuz ur cute 💖

Android : I'm so inspired by my peers. Uniting as one and using their voices leaving the rest of the nation no other choice than to listen.

Android : I realized how odd my life was when I inhaled a penguin feather at the aquarium and Googled what to do and Google didn't have an answer

Android : When you're eating something and you're so close but it falls off your fork and you sit there trying to understand why that happened to you

Android : When people don't like me and expect me to care. Truth is as long as my dog is happy I am happy.

Android : Tough to believe the Olympic Winter Games are already over...but I’m so excited to see what the future holds for wo……