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Bio hahah i just reread my last bio and it was so bad i needed to change it immediately also I’m driving
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iPhone :

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iPhone : i was forced at gun point to put my foot on this sink

iPhone : i should be pullin these out more often

iPhone : this is when i feel my most prettiest

iPhone : this was in my drafts i don’t remember being this twisted

iPhone : i feel like filling a pair of socks with lotion putting them on and going to bed

iPhone : AJ just gave Carmela the matrix on dvd for her birthday. very thoughtful and awesome

iPhone : ya i made a couple red pill or da blue pill fo today jokes tonight

iPhone : jessie got back from watching the matrix and said red pill or da blue pill fo today

iPhone : Michael Hollywood you can’t look me in the eyes and say that after they played clarity on the c.a.s.a. rooftop

iPhone : name a song better than clarity by zedd please I’m begging

iPhone : they made mel pay to ride the mechanical bull because she didn’t wear grey sweater leggings

iPhone : i can’t believe i actually got my ass slapped on mill