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iPhone : “Nah I ain’t done yet, turn that ass around”

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iPhone : Him: my phone died I'm sorry Me: "My PHonE diEd.. why ain't u die with it?"

iPhone : Tired of breaking noodles & shit? SAY NO FUCKIN MO 🙅🏽‍♀️

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iPhone : When you try to sing all the parts

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iPhone : When you try to sing both R. Kelly and Usher’s parts in Same Girl

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iPhone : “Aye my mans tryna talk to you he a little shy tho, he right over there”

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iPhone : When your crush tweets "Boys who play in the mud😩😍"

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iPhone : If she pull up on you w/ UGG boots and leggings on you should know what time it is.

iPhone : My first love was so mean to me, i used to sit on the floor crying and asking God “Is there anything better than th… https://t.co/EHbRXNAnXs

iPhone : you bitches move weird .. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE

iPhone : if YOU TEXT MY NIGGA AND HE SLEEP ... AND I ANSWER THAT SHIT ... you gone hate me

iPhone : I take shit very personal only because I would’ve never did you how you did me.😳

iPhone : You guys really think you KNOW people’s lives because of their posts but you only see what they allow you to see yo… https://t.co/dvtbxv2Int