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iPhone : I’m not sure how I stumbled across this but I feel so conflicted watching it ...

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iPhone : when your bf rushing you, but you still have to do your makeup

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iPhone : Me clicking “Remind Me Tomorrow” on my computer update for the past 6 months

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iPhone : My niece showing how dramatic women get over food 🙄

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iPhone : he really stole his girlfriend EBT card to pay for his side chick groceries 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️

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iPhone : This man so happy he's about to get married lol 😂

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iPhone : my intuition never lies

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iPhone : Lmao ManneQUEEN need to get on her skin care routine. Them pores and acne scares are A MESS twitter.com/queencurlycoco…

iPhone : All my grades done dropped I got two more months left and I’m slacking I got to do better ☹️

iPhone : This nigga ate my pussy so well I got teary eyed. Then gave me the best dick I’ve EVER had. Now he’s tryna be dista… https://t.co/MJa4tsU6iE

iPhone : If you hurt my feelings, imma hurt yours 10x worse cause that’s just common sense...

iPhone : “A newly married couple bought a ONE STORY house, everything in the house was pink. The couch was pink, ....... Wha… https://t.co/JNhgPnkJUc

iPhone : so romantic but yet so freaky. twitter.com/traytraysince8…

iPhone : “Teenagers shouldn’t be involved in politics!” ...and religion shouldn’t be involved in the government and men sho… https://t.co/JCMTYxJibN