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iPhone : Selene Almeron ILY

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iPhone : Happy birthday Andy Samberg! 🎉 Hit up The Lonely Island with a noice GIF in the replies!

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iPhone : @adxieu Imy more ☹️😢

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iPhone : our pup may be cute but...

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iPhone : Shop Copper vs Cotton on 🤭 “Good designers copy, great designers steal.” Which is which Pablo Picasso

iPhone : Loving is forgiving, we all stumble but love embraces all mistakes. Love will always be bigger than all our blunder……

iPhone : I can sit in my room for hours and be happy as hell lmao. Y’all need to learn how to be alone.

iPhone : all the bad days are worth it in the end, when the good ones come in abundance. you got this!!

iPhone : “How others treat me is their path . How I react is mine.”

iPhone : 1st day of ber months!!!!! Its almost Christmas waaaaah 🙈

iPhone : I carpool with a married couple everyday going to work. Today, the husband was so mad because his wife couldnt get…

iPhone : @adxieu Am I really your fav taurus??? Jk i love you more!!!!!!! We understand each others emotional drama(s) 🤦🏻‍♀️😭

iPhone : she knew what tf she wanted and she went and got it... she went through rich husbands like she went through toilet…

iPhone : ray Thank you tito ray!!! Hope ill see you soon 😗💛