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Pittsburgh, PA | PhD Student at @SCSatCMU and @HeinzCollege. #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #DataScience. Past: #IITBombay, #Microsoft. Expect occasional rants.

Berkeley, CA | Berkeley - Google - Facebook. Author of Caffe. Interested in large scale machine learning systems on all platforms.

0.5 DC + 0.5 NYC | I do natural language processing, machine learning & yoga; prof @umdcs and @umd_lsc, member of @umdclip; currently @msftresearch; NY & DC. Views my own. He/him.

대한민국 서울 | Research Scientist at SK T-Brain. 2017 @Google PhD Fellow in Machine Learning. Former research Intern at @Facebook AI Research.

Toronto | Professor of Statistics at the University of Toronto, and author of "Struck by Lightning" and "Knock on Wood". For more info, see:

Open deep learning compiler stack for CPUs, GPUs, and specialized accelerators

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory | Work: Machine Learning Engineer @ Apple (previously ML Researcher @ ANU). Play: Music, eurorack, snowboarding, trail running.

I'm a machine learning researcher, which is like AI with more maths and fewer robots. Now at Google Brain Montreal. Preferred pronoun: he/his.

Machine Learning PhD at the University of Oxford, working on Deep Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning.

Research Scientist, head of @GoogleAI center in Accra, Ghana. Founder and Director of the African Master of Machine Intelligence at AIMS.

Bergamo, Italy | Engineering. Deep learning. PyTorch. vmtk. Jazz. // Co-founder @ Orobix. EUropean.

New York | Ph.D. Student at New York University, Research Scientist (Part-time) at Element AI.

Delft | Researcher in Visual Analytics and Machine Learning. Interested in Computer Graphics, HPC, CUDA, C++ and Computational Geometry.

Cambridge, MA | Software Engineer @GoogleBrain, working on #TensorFlow and #TensorFlowJS. Opinions are my own.

Stanford, CA | Chief technologist @Databricks and PI @Stanford DAWN. Currently working on @ApacheSpark, and more.

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