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Pasadena, CA | Bren Professor of Computational Biology at Caltech. Blog at #methodsmatter

iPhone: 53.511742,-113.626846 | Current: PhD student in Reinforcement Learning and AI at U. of Alberta. Past: Intern@Apple SPG, Intern@Google Brain, Intern@Twitter Cortex.

Professor, Linguistics, University of Washington // Faculty Director, Professional MS Program in Computational Linguistics (CLMS) // she/her

New York, NY | Works on NLP and computational semantics at @NYULing and @NYUDataScience. Sometimes grumbles about cities.

Stanford, CA | The Gradient cuts through the hype and the cynicism to provide accessible, sophisticated reporting on the latest AI research.

Berkeley, CA | Am: Bay Area engineer at Google working on language and computers. Was: Bay Area neuroscientist at the VA studying language, memory and TBI.

Paris | Ph.D. student in machine learning + neuro-imaging @Parietal_INRIA. Scaling #optimization methods for ml with #python. @scikit-learn contributor

California | TensorFlow and OSS strategy @ Google. Formerly VP Tech Strategy @SVDataScience. Speaker, author, analyst. Newsletter at

Montréal, Québec | PhD student @UMontreal with Yoshua Bengio and Hugo Larochelle. Past intern at @GoogleBrain

San Bruno, CA | How-to's, troubleshooting tips & updates from the team that brings you YouTube! Here to help in: English, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Pусский

Cambridge, MA | Human/AI Interaction and data visualization. Co-leader of Google's PAIR (People+AI Research) initiative in @GoogleBrain

Brain resident @google. Interested in machine learning (Interpretability, AI Safety, Privacy & Security) & all things W. Africa.

Chief Technology & Product Officer @MetamavenAI. Editor @TOPBOTS. #AI #ML @Forbes writer, speaker, author @AppliedAIBook, maker of lovable #UX & crappy #bots

/r/MachineLearning: Research, News, Discussions, Software @ Machine Learning, Data Mining, Text Processing, Information Retrieval, Search Computing and alike