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Cambridge, MA | Trying to make reinforcement learning work. Often seen playing+building games (touhou!!) and lost on MIT campus. Previous intern at @OpenAI and @Autodesk!

Facebook AI focuses on connecting people to what they care about, powering meaningful and safe experiences, advancing ML, and conducting open research.

San Francisco, CA | Professor and chair of linguistics and professor of computer science at Stanford. My latest book, The Language of Food, is now out from @wwnorton.

Assistant professor at @UMSI working in computational social science and natural language processing (formerly postdoc at @stanfordnlp)

Boston, MA | AutoML research team lead at Microsoft Research, working on ML and compbio research. This bio says "research" a lot. My opinions are mine etc.

Natural Language Processing research group at CS@UNC Chapel Hill (@UNCCS @UNC). PI: Mohit Bansal (@mohitban47). Interests: #NLProc, #ComputerVision, #AI, #ML

Singapore | Associate Professor @ Nanyang Technological University - Computer Vision, Image Processing, Deep Learning

Princeton, NJ | Postdoctoral researcher in CS at Princeton University. Interested in any kind of intelligence: human, animal, artificial.

@GoogleAI Senior Staff Research Scientist & Manager | #MachineLearning, #NLP, #ComputerVision, #DeepLearning

Pittsburgh, PA | PhD Student at @SCSatCMU and @HeinzCollege. #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #DataScience. Past: #IITBombay, #Microsoft. Expect occasional rants.

Berkeley, CA | Berkeley - Google - Facebook. Author of Caffe. Interested in large scale machine learning systems on all platforms.

0.5 DC + 0.5 NYC | I do natural language processing, machine learning & yoga; prof @umdcs and @umd_lsc, member of @umdclip; currently @msftresearch; NY & DC. Views my own. He/him.