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iPhone : Looking for a girlfriend

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iPhone : Insane how this guy is the greatest friend I’ve ever made in my life

Twitter Web Client : How have the shows been?

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iPhone : Suddenly my porches phase is back on

iPhone : O Sole Mio, or as it colloquially named, “the jewel of stony brook”

iPhone : When philly burns to the ground I will rise from its ashes

Twitter Web Client : I changed my mind on my twitter followers you all like it when bad things happen to me so I've remembered you're all my enemies

Twitter Web Client : just finished a 10 hour shift where I worked for maybe 3 hours feels good man who wants some favs

Twitter Web Client : this is the funniest shit i've ever read in my life…

Twitter Web Client : can any of my writer friends help me think of a headline for this piece I wrote about asexuality and how my life is miserable

Twitter Web Client : I never want to see a five string bass in my life it is an act against god and I will not allow it