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iPhone : Hi Jeff Rosenstock is my favorite musician of all time

iPhone : this is literally the best opening scene in brooklyn nine nine i am absolutely losing my shit

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Twitter Web Client : I don't wanna talk to anybody who isn't also a libra for the next month

Twitter Web Client : this was the beginning of the end for me leading a fulfilling life, little did I know…

Twitter Web Client : straight up who on earth let me major in journalism instead of computer science or engineering or some shit

Twitter Web Client : going to start telling people that the reason I have a degree and no job is because president trump destroyed the free press

Twitter Web Client : o fuck there's a new trailer park boys season why didn't anybody tell me

Twitter Web Client : And of course, this happens at the beginning of a weekend where I'll already be out $300 - 500 bc I won't be able t……

iPhone : So glad my car is making weird noises when I already have my registration due and I’m over an oil change 🙃