Sterling Pickles JrJr. (@WTF_isOkechukwu )

Sterling Pickles JrJr.

Bio I say things I think are funny sometimes other people laugh , idk

ig/psn : kechdapredator ||
nintendo : SW-3165-1869-9494


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Android : flashback fridays..

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Android : noire

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Android : History Teacher: okay does anyone know how slavery started?? Me:

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Android : When you mix the alcohol with gas station dick pills

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Android : Women and men arguing who's more damaged everyday

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Android : Wild they knew about it but now it's too much…

Android : She got mad surgery and denied it, then the doctor posted her work πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€…

Android : Paulo said that in competitive MK11, each character is gonna have preset balanced variations to choose from. Differ…

Android : - a journalist went to cover a story about a shelter for abandoned dogs . That beautiful and innocent puppy, wantin…