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Bio E+R=O. Trust the system. Do the work. Get better.
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iPhone : This is E+R=O in full effect in the NBA playoffs right Brian Kight Tim Kight Focus 3

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iPad : Do not feed negative emotions! Feed only the emotions that make you better.

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iPhone : This scene will forever give me the chills #JackieRobinsonDay

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iPhone : Don’t be a “ditto.” Don’t be the same today that you were yesterday. Do the work. Get better.

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iPhone : Commitment 🔺🔺 Connection 🔺🔺 Caring

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iPhone : See reality with clarity and courage.

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iPhone : “Under pressure we don't rise to the occasion, we rise to the level of our training” Tim Kight https://t.co/uiXiG2bcDc

iPhone : Working today in Madeira with Focus 3 on our beliefs, how we behave, and the outcomes we can achieve.… https://t.co/pcjFUKoSN3

iPhone : Be careful what you say to others. Be even more careful what you say to yourself.

iPhone : "Leaders create the culture, that drives the behaviors, that produces results". Remember your Response (R) creates… https://t.co/B1ud4j5D7H

iPad : Push. Reach. Elevate. Redefine your vision of what is possible for you.

iPad : “The mindset you bring to the change, not the change itself, is the source of your stress.”-Tim Kight #adjustandadapt

iPad : Everyone wants. Not everyone works. focus3.com/blog/want-vs-w…

iPhone : The best feelings of love come from the best choices of love.