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Bio Designer | Illustrator | Cosplayer | Tree
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Android : If a gif ever described my life, it would be this.

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Android : my dad proposing to minnie in front of mickey is the best thing ever πŸ˜‚

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Android :

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Android : Ben Davis You πŸ˜‰

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Android : Sourced/bought cosplay items and booked some awesome shoots already. 2019 is the year of being organised.

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Android : Peter Hayes Me rn I'm so exhausted with brexit.

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Android : Got myself a little something to keep on track of my work in 2019. Getting organised so I can kick ass this year, t……

Android : Just relax, and remember: you can always go into the woods in Red Dead Redemption and eat berries.

Android : This is how you do a teaser. I am so hyped already! #Ghostbusters3 #pleasedontbecrap…

Android : This is irresponsible fear-mongering. The entire purpose of this section of the TOS is to explain that Retweets and…

Android : So are we now on Deal or No Deal: Extreme Edition? When does Noel Edmunds come out with the red boxes? #Brexit

Android : I want to talk to whoever was responsible for this poster. I want to discuss how many meetings and heated conversa…

Android : A quote I found about the Gillette ad and oh boy is it on point. "Last time I saw date rapists, wife beaters, and……