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Android : How it really is

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Android : Retweet to support the troops who couldn't make it home for thanksgiving

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Android : Getting through the week like....

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Android : The United States of America: A country so great that even people who hate it refuse to leave. Merica.

Android : Relationships are like a truck. When you get a flat tire, you don’t go out and buy a new truck. You fix the damn tire.

Android : GQ Magazine named Colin Kaepernick its "Citizen of the Year." A man who is unemployed and once wore socks depicting……

Android : Here's an idea: Instead of bannin' guns, why don't we just start teachin' the value of life again? Merica.

Android : Antifa is threatenin' to start a Civil War. One side has 8 trillion bullets. The other doesn't know which bathroom to use. You do the math.

Android : It’s interestin’ that Liberals want no immigration control after New York, but they all wanted gun control after Las Vegas. Merica.

Android : When I say "I'm broke" I don't mean I have $0. It means I have responsibilities to take care of before wastin' money on dumb stuff.

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