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iPhone : 2️⃣4️⃣ HOURS. #BearsDraft

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Twitter Web Client : Me when I think about Al Riveron reporting me to twitter for trolling. apologize to Zach Miller

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iPhone : Footage of Al Riveron on his NFL tour after not apologizing to Zach Miller

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iPhone : Portillo's y’all.....we blessed having this new location in Peoria. Thank you

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iPhone : Thanos’s ship the Soverign 2.0! He’s after Loki from Avengers. This is going to lead right into Infinity War!

iPhone : Asgard is not a place it’s a people

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iPhone : Destruction of Asgard is another scene that a joke undercut. Should have been an important scene not a fan of Korg

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iPhone : Surtur destroying Asgard scene is really cool.

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iPhone : Ragnarok was far from my favorite Marvel movie....but it’s going to be really important to Infinity War! Black Pant……

iPhone : The movie barely addresses the visions from Age of Ultron. Made itself its own movie, and retconned as much as it w……

iPhone : I hate the sudden tone change for the Thor films. It’s a Guardians rip off at this point. Thor cracks one liners no……

iPhone : "Just a little baby stiff arm." 😀 Beast Mode breaking down the Beast Quake and keeping it 💯 〰️ Wishing Shawn Lynch…

iPhone : I really thought they were going full Civil War with Peter admitting to the world that he’s Spider-Man. Would have……

iPhone : Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy deserved a better movie. Her death being cannon would have made for a more interesting MCU……

iPhone : An older Spider-man would have fit into the Civil War and Iron Spider Storylines we are getting now. Garfield in th……

iPhone : Here’s a really cool link that shows the comments Kevin Feige made on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 script before it cam……