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Bio UK Twitch streamer (35k) + ASUS ROG 🤘🏻Twitch 🖤✨Insta: 💀Business:
Lokasyon London, England
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Account created 11-06-2015 11:54:57
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Android : Gripz69 Kai

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Twitter Web Client : Jagex Maz

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Twitter Web Client : A few followers away from the big 8,000. Follow/Retweet and you will gain the seductive powers of dance in 2019. 😏

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Android : Claw hunt W h e e e Also new intro & we have a pet now 😻

Android : Kai

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Android : Gonna miss the purple hair when it's gone but I definitely miss being a bright, shiny, red beacon!

Twitter Web Client : Eye ✅ Fang✅ Heart ❌ to join the hunt! 3 mins until liftoff 🚀

Twitter Web Client : It's been a while since our last non gaming stream... So let's start with a chilled one. PO Box packages & Baking……

Twitter Web Client : So after a LOT of hassle, my PO Box seems to finally be working and i've received some parcels today (opening on st……

Twitter Web Client : So I may have decided to sell bank and do a tbow rebuild.. All I need now is 200m. So let's do some more PVM……

Twitter Web Client : Since Kebos came out i've no-lifed Hydra and i'm just a claw and pet away from competition... So that brings me t……

Android : I play RuneScape every single day but I still get excited and nostalgic when I think about logging on. I have the……

Android : Tech Deals 🇺🇸 Ahhhh I will do for my shoulder but this is a different chronic pain that definitely won't be assisted from bone cracking 😂