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Bio I write funny stories. I also may have or may not have (depending on how you look at it) pushed Buzz Lightyear out that window.
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Android : Pooch Flair

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Android : Michael Smh I'm out

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Android : "I know you aren't getting paid so come by and look at some fish you can't eat."

Android : What's doughmars @ name?? I need to follow that nigga again he be saying some wild funny shit

Android : I low-key miss the bullshit popsson used to tweet. Didn't agree with most of it but it was something different to look at

Android : Y’all be sounding like “I’m the cool mom!” type of people when y’all say y’all look at fat asses with your man

Android : Soon as the last drip out the regret comes over you twitter.com/itspoochflair/…

Android : Graduation is my favorite Kanye album but MBDTF is clearly better. Pretty simple concept twitter.com/yellowxreturn/…

Android : After you nut in her and come back to ya senses you be sick for weeks hoping she not pregnant smh