Bio all i do is cry and get the words vegan and virgin mixed up a lot. #BLM #FreePalestine
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Twitter Web Client : i did my birth chart and 6 out of the 12 my planets where either virgo or taurus and now i'm scaredt

Android : winter: *begins* my nipples getting ready to act up every time i step outside:

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Android : bout to go eat some vegan mac and cheese fellas, dreams really do come true kidz *ahem* don'T dreaM iT bE iT

Android : africa by toto came on in the club and i legitimately started crying in the club was so beautiful

Android : *ahem* any sad song recommendations i feel like crying alone in room and having feelings stuff tonight lads

Twitter Web Client : tonight i watched call me by your name in cinema and it was ok but then i listened to visions of gideon by Sufjan s……

Twitter Web Client : today on the tube this drunk guy started talking to me and i put on this really shitty french accent and was like '……

Android : mas i meant 'like i have money to spare' but yeah i always buy things in my head when im too poor to actually afford it haha

Android : i hate leaving the house cause i always end up buying things like i have money

Android : i just saw an news account report that the government in america is shutting down and the first two replies were 'm……

Twitter Web Client : i can't wait to start the gym and build my leg strength up so i can outrun all y'all when the apocalypse finally co……

Android : why my nipples always acting wild in public, i just want to wear this nice top in winter pls behave i beg

Android : why am i only attracted to bois who i know are like highkey the worst and will treat my poor heart the way the guy……